Speed, strength and mobility training in three halls



Aerobics is a modern type of exercise in a world where healthy living carries an ever-increasing importance. Ensure a better quality of life, boost your confidence and have fun with us.

At Sunny Studio you may choose among the following types of aerobics:


A circular interval exercise named after a military training style and one of our most popular programs. The one-hour session combines high intensity training using your own body weight, exercises with loads, TRX and other exercise aids, and running. None of these types of exercises are technically demanding, so the class is suitable for beginners.


Exercises to strengthen the smaller core muscles, shoulders, pelvic area and buttocks are performed on a mat with various pieces of equipment. It is accompanied by soothing music and is recommended to those who wish to improve their posture, individuals suffering from osteoporosis and new mothers, provided they consult with one of our prenatal workout instructors first. The class is appropriate for rehabilitation after injuries and for all age groups.


Nirvana Fitness is a new, revolutionary and unique workout that combines Pilates, yoga and functional training, with the addition of relaxation music.

With today’s stressful daily pace, fatigue, chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety, this is a wonderful choice of exercise for those who wish to achieve a harmony of body and mind.

It employs special breathing techniques that have a positive effect on the supply of oxygen to our cells and consequently on our health.

Regular activity improves mobility, posture, general well-being and fitness.



Bike is a cardiovascular workout that mimics cycling. The instructor will spend about 55 minutes guiding you across carious terrains, from flat areas to more slow-paced hillsides.



A workout program intended to strengthen and shape the body core. It consists of dynamic exercises for the front and side abdominal muscles, back and shoulder muscles and the pelvic area, all by using your own body weight, an elastic band and free weights. It is the basis for a good posture and helps improve the functionality of your body. It is the foundation of both aerobic exercise and strength training, suitable for both beginners and professional athletes.



* suitable for everyone – simple to intermediate choreography, medium intensity

** suitable all who wish to upgrade their skills – intermediate choreography, medium intensity

***suitable for all who want the most demanding of trainings – an advanced choreography, high intensity