Our own healthy lifestyle philosophy



Sunny Studio is shaped to fit the active life of each individual client, based on the very life philosophy each individual chooses to be their spring of energy, happiness, health and full living. Our no compromise policies in tailoring our offer to suit the individual wishes and demands of our guests put us firmly in the highest category of service.

The Sunny Studio world of wellbeing was envisioned and designed with the purpose of bringing you the efficiency of the three primary elements – the building blocks of the philosophy and guiding energy of a center unlike any other in Europe. Wood, water and stone, the primary sources of life energy meet modern design and form in its most useful form, linking together cultures and philosophies from the far East to the West.

The experience of Sunny experts has shown the path to the priorities of daily living. We know that n unified body, mind and spirit is essential for our existence and quality of living. Innovation, creativity and the ability to closely follow the needs of our clients are the building blocks of our integrated high-quality offer.

We have the drive and the knowledge to impart advice and share experiences. Become a guest of the most sophisticated studio for the culture of movement and the art of controlling both body and mind. Discover the benefits of a complete beautification of the body and a creative mood through limitless possibilities of wonderful treatments.

We are very proud of the level of service we provide, as it focuses our attention exclusively on your well-being. Our symbol of excellence and oasis of peace will inspire you with modern recreational programs. For pleasure and rest. In the name of relaxation and health.

We strive to shape treatments to your individual needs. Our mission is your pleasure.

Join us and make each day a day of quality living.