Movement, strength, energy, endurance, elasticity, nimbleness…



At Sunny Studio, we have designated 650 m2 of exercise space for our fitness center, which puts us firmly among the top fitness and wellness centers in Europe. Our fitness center is equipped with the state-of-the-art Technogym Selection Line devices, renowned for their excellence, safety, effectiveness and design. Specifically, it includes:

  • 38 pieces of cardio equipment with a modern touch screen interface,
  • 35 different strength training stations,
  • 3 special stretching devices,
  • several stretching areas,
  • various props or functional training (preventive and curative).

If you are seeking to improve your psychophysical fitness, we will provide you with a starter course to familiarize you with the equipment and then map out an initial exercise regime. You can then choose an instructor and set up additional testing sessions and advanced training regimes.

Achieving results is faster and more effective when assisted by a personal trainer who will provide you with a detailed plan for your weight loss, body shaping, conditioning, muscle gain or muscle toning programs. We also offer additional programs for specialized sports coaching and rehabilitation.

Personal workout studios are available for those of you who wish to obtain an additional degree of privacy. You will then be exercising alone, with only your personal trainer present.

Gym workouts influence you in many ways:

  • they increase the capabilities of the cardiovascular system and improve your endurance,
  • they improve mobility as a key motor skill,
  • they improve strength and its endurance,
  • they influence body composition (rate of muscle and body fat mass)
  • they influence weight loss,
  • they increase muscle mass,
  • they tone muscles,
  • they shape the body,
  • they reduce stress,
  • they expand your social environment.

Work hours

  • Last entry into the gym is 1 hour before closing time.