A harmonious pampering of the skin and body to relax your mind



Abhyanga massage

This holistic concept of Ayurvedic oil massage is based on the balancing of the Doshas (Vata, Pita, Kapha). The warm herbal oils used during the massage are chosen depending on the personality of each individual customer. This massage is highly recommended for managing burnout, tension and stress. It accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body, restores the skin and strengthens it. The massage restores your energy flow and leaves you feeling light and completely relaxed.

Pindas veda

This Ayurvedic massage of carefully selected warm aromatic oils combined with herbal compresses has exceptional therapeutic powers. It completely relaxes your muscles and joints.


Selected herbs and herbal mud-filled pouches soaked in hot herbal oil are used to massage the whole body or, if needed, only certain parts. This technique is used to relax muscles and reduce tension and pain.


Shira – head, Dhara – an unbroken stream of warm oil

A massage of the face, head, neck and scalp is followed by a special procedure during which a constant stream of oil flows on your forehead. It reduces psychophysical tension and improves concentration as well as memory and your decision-making ability.


An exceptional combination of two Ayurvedic procedures, both tending to the needs of the individual and ensuring complete relaxation.


The combination of the relaxing Abhyanga and Shirodara massages ensures the complete relaxation of your body and mind. Using ayurvedic oils, this massage of the head and body will fill you with fresh energy and invoke the harmonious setting of the Far East.