A harmonious pampering of the skin and body to relax your mind



Hammam treatment (black soap, Rassoul)

Forget all about the outside world as you enjoy enticing natural fragrances in a comfortable, warm and humid environment. Using 100% natural black soap with black olives, this treatment will clean, soften and enrich your skin. Special gloves are used for a full body peeling treatment while the feet are cleansed with round stones of burnt clay. The next stage is to apply a mask (Rassoul) all over the body and, if so desired, the hair as well. This mask makes the skin soft and firm, increasing its elasticity. The treatment is combined with an aromatic steam sauna and a warm stone bed. The Hammam is an authentic Oriental experience.


Hammam treatment with massage

The Hammam treatment with 100% natural black soap and Rassoul is followed by a full body massage using intoxicating oriental massage oils (argan oils) and balsams.