A harmonious pampering of the skin and body to relax your mind



You can let your body and mind relax in the hot Finnish (85-100°C) and infrared (40-60°C ) saunas, or the milder versions such as the bio chromotherapeutic (52-55°C), aroma steam or salt steam (42-45°C) or the serail steam sauna (42-45°C).

All treatments based on water and heat or chromotherapy enhance the functioning of the lymphatic system, assist the body with detoxification, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation while restoring radiance and beauty to the skin, and gently transport you to a dream world of pleasures and comforts.


Complete relaxation and the many benefits of the sauna for your body and mind await you at:

  • the salt sauna (42-46°C, 100% humidity; recommended to those with a lower tolerance for high temperatures; has a soothing effect on the skin and the respiratory system)
  • the aroma steam bath (42-45°C, 100% relative humidity; recommended for skin and hair treatments, improves well-being and rejuvenates the body with the added natural herbal scents and grasses)
  • serial steam sauna (42-45°C; intended for the cleansing of skin and detoxifying the body)

Three types of mud are applied to your body. The mud dries on the body and soaks up all the released toxins. By adding steam, the mud softens again gentle rubbing removes all traces of it. This treatment rejuvenates and cleanses the skin and stimulates the metabolism.

  • infrared sauna (40-60°C; recommended for relieving muscle pain and cramps; faster muscle regeneration; increased blood circulation; weight loss and cellulite treatment)
  • Finnish sauna (85-100°C); promotes blood circulation and accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body, thus improving your well-being and helping to increase body endurance
  • Bio chromotherapy sauna (52-55°C, 40-50% relative humidity; the color spectrum has an exceptional beneficial effect on the body – yellow, red, green and blue revitalize you; special light sources of the color spectrum influence your autonomic nervous system)


The following options are available for cooling off and relaxing during the sauna sessions:

  • ice cave (ice crystals, ice wall and a special light providing a refreshing and stimulating feeling, greatly increasing your blood flow; 5°C)
  • cooling tub,
  • whirlpool Jacuzzi,
  • Kneipp baths,
  • Tropical rain (a shower adventure with special light and aroma therapy)


For an even more immersive relaxation, the following services are provided:

  • a tepidarium – a quiet room with ergonomically designed heated ceramic loungers that will pleasantly warm your body,
  • a pleasant relaxation corner by the fireplace and a larger resting room with comfortable loungers.


The price of admission to the Spa center includes the use of two towels and slippers. Upon arrival, we ask you to deposit your personal items into a locker. The key (bracelet) to the locker should remain on your wrist for the entirety of your stay. We do not assume responsibility for your personal items. If you carry items of high value, we will safely store them for you at our reception desk. Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode. Do not disturb other Spa visitors with loud speaking or otherwise during their time of relaxation and pampering.