A harmonious pampering of the skin and body to relax your mind




Thalaxa Pyrite

The treatment begins with a body peeling, followed by a shower and an application of thermal water and mud, and finally a chromotherapy combined with sauna. The final step is a full body massage using herbal pouches and a relaxing laying of warm stones. The treatment is aimed at those wishing to improve the elasticity of their skin.

Thalaxa Graphite

The treatment is a pleasant and painless way of sculpting the body with a gentle lymphatic drainage. The treatment consists of a full body peeling, the application of detoxifying mud, a sauna session chromotherapy. It is concluded by a massage and dry herbal compresses.

Thalaxa Quarzo

This treatment combining a full body peeling and applying algae and thermal mud with green tea, pineapple extract, lemon oil and other natural ingredients eliminates cellulite and fatty deposits, with the added benefit of a cleansing and invigorating effect. The procedure also includes a steam sauna, a massage and chromotherapy to detoxify localized cellulite.

Thalaxa Sunny

Soothing music, the soft scents of essential oils and the hands of a skilled therapist are the perfect choice if you wish to release the tension from your body. Steam sources are infused with special mixtures of relaxing essential oils and help your skin absorb them. In addition to exfoliation and chromotherapy, the Thalaxa treatment also includes a mud wrap, a steam sauna and a relaxing massage complemented by the laying of warm stones. It achieves the complete relaxation of the entire body.

Thalaxa Relax

After a long day at work or a high-intensity training session, this treatment is the ideal way of eliminating the feeling of heavy legs. It consists of valuable ingredients such as thermal water, saline, arnica and menthol, all of them providing a feeling of lightness. An herbal compress and foot massage will further relax you and put a spring back into your step.



An effective anticellulite treatment for weight reduction, cellulite removal and improvement of skin tone, it uses peeling techniques to remove dead layers of epidermis. Consequently, it allows for improved absorption of the cream that speeds up cellular exchange in subcutaneous tissue. The lymphatic system becomes activated while excess water and toxins are drained from the body. An added thermal effect further accelerates the burning of fats.